VMware’s AI-Boosted Anywhere Workspace Serves Hybrid Work Revolution

  • Upgrades in Digital Worker Platforms, Virtual Desktops, and Device Management Boost Effortless Hybrid Work.
  • Boeing Earns ‘Hybrid Workforce Pioneer’ Title for Global Engineering Collaboration Using VMware Anywhere Workspace.

VMware introduces AI enhancements to its anywhere workspace platform within the cross-cloud services suite. These upgrades auto-tune employee experiences, fortify vulnerability management, and streamline application management. While data and intelligence power automation and hybrid work strategies, a comprehensive approach amplifies its benefits. It uniquely combines digital employee experience (DEX), virtual desktop infrastructure and apps (VDI and DaaS),  unified endpoint management  (UEM), and security, ensuring a smooth and secure workspace regardless of device or location.

Boosting IT & Employee Interactions with AI-Powered Platform

Using advanced machine learning, the company is elevating the IT and employee experience with enriched data access and enhanced DEX remediation. New app performance metrics complement device scores, with immediate alerts for SaaS app failures. This not only speeds up issue resolution but also prevents downtime. AI insights highlight the potential device and VDI issues, while playbooks enable efficient incident management, optimised over time through success analytics. The company deepened its Intel collaboration, integrating Workspace ONE with Intel vPro cloud-natively. This connection bolsters cloud security and device management, removing on-site infrastructure needs. By overseeing vPro devices, IT receives critical vulnerability insights, facilitating swift threat responses. This offers centralised control and accelerates device patching, enhancing security and uninterrupted work.

Streamlined App Management

Managing apps across VDI, DaaS, and published app settings has grown complicated because of outdated tools. The newly launched apps on demand, fueled by app volumes, streamline app management. It smartly deploys apps to published app hosts or temporary desktop setups, depending on real-time app activity. It is broadening the capabilities of app volumes to facilitate on-demand app delivery to enduring virtual desktops. This ensures nearly 99% compatibility and slashes management time and costs across desktop or app environments. Unique in its capability, it supports app delivery across VMware Horizon, Citrix, Microsoft, and Amazon virtual setups, in line with VMware’s “Apps Everywhere” strategy.

 Boeing’s Global Leap

Boeing uses VMware Workspace ONE globally, in the US and 65+ countries, to aid its 140,000 employees in aerospace development and production. This adoption has strengthened their endpoints and elevated their digital employee experience. With this aid, they effortlessly moved to contemporary Windows 10 management. This shift gave them a centralised view of all endpoints and allowed them to redirect their attention from mere infrastructure to more business-oriented solutions.

Shankar Iyer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of End-User Computing at VMware commented, “We introduced our Autonomous Workspace concept last year as a solution to the complexities of hybrid work. It’s exciting to present further developments that broaden data access, bolster security through tech partnerships, and streamline app delivery across virtual platforms. These enhancements solidify our commitment to advancing the future of digital workspaces.”


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