Effortless Fashion Trend Discovery with MyFashionGPT by Myntra

MyFashionGPT by Myntra

Tired of endless scrolling for the perfect outfit? Meet MyFashionGPT, Myntra’s AI fashion guru that’s about to change your shopping game!

Myntra, the leading fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform, has unveiled a groundbreaking generative AI tool that promises to revolutionize the way users shop for fashion. Known as “MyFashionGPT,” this innovative tool integrates ChatGPT3.5, a powerful natural language processing model developed by OpenAI, to provide users with personalized fashion recommendations based on their queries.

The brainchild of Myntra, MyFashionGPT allows users to search using natural language, making the shopping experience more intuitive and user-friendly. It not only understands user queries but also suggests relevant products from Myntra’s extensive catalogue. In an exclusive interaction with AIM, Myntra’s Chief Technology and Product Officer, Raghu Krishnananda, described the tool as “a first-of-its-kind solution in e-commerce in India and possibly globally.”

Krishnananda revealed that Myntra leveraged ChatGPT for query understanding and utilized its own search infrastructure to retrieve related products and present them as collections. He further mentioned that Myntra is actively working on additional features that harness generative AI, which will be rolled out on the platform in the near future.

Tech Stack and AI Integration

Myntra’s journey into generative AI has been marked by a strategic blend of proprietary and open-source algorithms. Krishnananda emphasized the importance of open-source algorithms for faster market adoption, especially when proprietary data is involved. This approach allows them to train open-source models with Myntra-specific knowledge such as product taxonomy.

Additionally, Myntra has developed its own AI models and combined multiple models to address specific use cases, particularly in image science applications. Currently, the company leverages AzureAI services, providing access to models like ChatGPT3.5 and Dall-E. Krishnananda stated, “We are looking at privately hosted models as well as managed service models based on the use cases, and we will continue to have partnerships that serve this need.”

Myntra’s MyFashionGPT seamlessly integrates ChatGPT3.5 for text-related generative AI tasks while relying on Stable Diffusion-based models and other internally developed models for image-related generative AI. The company has also pioneered various non-generative AI solutions in-house, including MyStylist.

Myntra’s Generative AI Impact

Myntra’s commitment to integrating AI into its platform has not only enhanced the customer experience but also benefited sellers. AI-based solutions, such as trend identification and demand prediction, have empowered sellers to curate the right merchandise and stay ahead of fashion trends. Furthermore, Myntra’s AI-driven inventory and route optimization algorithms have led to improvements in logistics, streamlining the supply chain.

While Myntra has carved a niche in the fashion segment, it’s worth noting that other e-commerce giants, including Amazon, have also embraced generative AI. Amazon, known for implementing generative AI solutions on AWS and other services, is currently testing AI-generated customer review highlights and has launched a virtual assistant, ‘सहAI’ (sahai), to assist small-scale sellers in listing products and analyzing sales trends.

Challenges and Future Prospects

Training and deploying large proprietary generative AI models pose significant challenges, but Myntra is determined to overcome them. Krishnananda emphasized their strategy of fine-tuning smaller open-source models on their own data, while also promoting the democratization of generative AI within their tech teams. Internal APIs, tech talks, and knowledge sharing sessions are some of the initiatives being undertaken to spread AI expertise throughout the organization.

In conclusion, Myntra’s MyFashionGPT represents a significant leap forward in the e-commerce industry’s adoption of generative AI. By enhancing the shopping experience through natural language queries and personalized recommendations, Myntra continues to lead the way in using AI to benefit both customers and sellers in the world of fashion and lifestyle e-commerce.


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