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ChatGPT Will Soon Be Able To See, Talk, and Listen


OpenAI is set to release a substantial update for ChatGPT, allowing it to engage in voice-based interactions and work with images, positioning it alongside renowned AI assistants such as Apple’s Siri.

OpenAI highlighted in a recent Monday blog post that this voice capability will “pave the way for diverse creative and accessibility-centric applications.”

While AI solutions like Siri, Google’s voice assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa are deeply integrated into their host devices for tasks like setting reminders and fetching online data, ChatGPT has rapidly become a favorite among businesses since its introduction last year. Its versatile applications range from condensing documents to coding, prompting major tech entities to develop their generative AI solutions.

The enhanced ChatGPT will not only voice out user-typed text but can also recite bedtime tales, mediate dinner table disagreements, and more. OpenAI mentioned that the same underlying technology powers Spotify’s feature that allows podcasters to translate their material into various languages. Furthermore, with the image functionality, users can photograph their surroundings and consult ChatGPT to diagnose issues, such as “why their grill isn’t working, inventory their fridge for meal planning, or dissect a complex chart for job-related insights.”

Currently, Google Lens by Alphabet stands out as the go-to for extracting information from images.

Over the coming fortnight, these novel ChatGPT capabilities will be made available to Plus and Enterprise plan subscribers.



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