OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus Unveils Advanced Data Analysis Feature


ChatGPT not only analyses and summarises data sheets but also generates visual representations, making it a versatile tool for data-related tasks. 

OpenAI is making waves in the world of artificial intelligence once again with the introduction of new features for its ChatGPT Plus, a generative AI chatbot. Among the notable additions is the “Advanced Data Analysis” feature, currently in the testing phase and available to select users on paid tiers.

One of the standout capabilities of this feature is its ability to allow users to seamlessly upload files within a conversation and work with them, all while being assisted by the AI-based chatbot. This functionality extends to the analysis and summarisation of data sheets that users upload. ChatGPT goes beyond simply responding with a brief textual summary; it can also generate visual representations based on the provided data. Additionally, the chatbot can analyse textual data to answer questions posed by the user. Notably, the version currently under testing exhibits a remarkable level of autonomy, as it doesn’t necessitate users to select a specific model for data analysis manually. Instead, it can intelligently discern the appropriate model for the given data type, streamlining the user experience.

However, ChatGPT’s talents are not confined solely to text files. Users can instruct the chatbot to generate iterations of uploaded image files as well. To accomplish this, ChatGPT leverages the power of the DALL-E3 model, which excels in generating images within the context of a conversation. In a parallel development, Google has also enhanced its own generative AI chatbot, Bard, with a set of innovative features. One such feature is a new extension that empowers Bard to scan and extract information from users’ Gmail and Google Drive accounts. With this extension, Bard can efficiently summarise multiple emails simultaneously, eliminating users needing to prompt it for each email individually. Furthermore, this updated version can access images received via email and extract the sought-after image file when prompted.

These developments in the generative AI chatbots, exemplified by the company’s  ChatGPT Plus and Google’s Bard, underscore the continued evolution of AI-powered conversational agents. With advanced data analysis and information extraction capabilities, these chatbots are poised to play an increasingly valuable role in assisting users with diverse tasks, from handling data analysis to managing email communications, marking a significant step forward in the AI landscape.


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