Atlassian Enhances Enterprise Asset Management Capabilities With AirTrack Acquisition


This integration will empower organisations to manage their vital assets more effectively, reduce operational risks and expenses, and enhance cybersecurity. 

Atlassian Corporation has successfully acquired AirTrack; this strategic acquisition marks another significant step in the company’s ongoing commitment to enhancing enterprise asset and configuration management capabilities. By integrating AirTrack’s expertise with Jira Service Management, the combined solution will empower organisations to manage and monitor their vital assets more effectively, thereby reducing operational risks, expenses, and vulnerability to cyber threats.

This synergy will enable enterprises to oversee their critical assets through several key benefits effectively:

  • Access to 30+ pre-built data connectors: IT Operations teams will gain the capability to consolidate and refine data from various asset discovery tools, databases, and parts across their entire IT landscape, streamlining data management.
  • Swift data reconciliation: The integrated solution will swiftly identify discrepancies across different record-keeping systems, detect potential issues, and expedite the resolution process.
  • Comprehensive insight into service dependencies: Spanning both development and IT domains, the combination will provide teams with enhanced visibility into the infrastructure supporting critical services and the associated engineering components.
  • Expanded data scope: This acquisition extends the company’s ability to assist enterprises in reimagining asset management beyond traditional IT applications. It empowers organisations to aggregate information related to a wide range of assets, enabling them to address an even broader array of security and operational challenges.

The company has introduced fresh advancements to its top-tier service management solution, Jira Service Management. These enhancements encompass:

  • The general availability of the virtual agent capability within Jira Service Management, with further AI-driven features slated for integration shortly.
  • A visionary concept aimed at creating a unified and AI-enhanced help experience, simplifying the process of offering and receiving assistance, irrespective of the underlying support system.
  • The strategic acquisition of Melbourne-based AirTrack reinforces Jira Service Management’s asset management capabilities and enhances its overall functionality.

Enhancing Employee and Customer Experiences with AI-Driven Virtual Agents

The Premium and Enterprise Editions of Jira Service Management now offer accessible virtual agent capabilities empowered by artificial intelligence. Integrating AI-powered virtual agents with Jira Service Management equips support teams to provide exceptionally rapid and scalable service. Notably, the built-in AI engine assesses and comprehends user intent, sentiment, context, and profile data, enabling personalised interactions. This technology continuously refines its capabilities through Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine-driven learning. 

During setup, support teams can effortlessly configure virtual agent experiences to align with their service delivery methods, all without the need for coding. The virtual agent employs generative AI to dynamically generate responses from various enterprise sources, such as knowledge base articles, onboarding guides, and Frequently Asked Questions. 

Envisioning a Unified Help Experience – Elevating Employee Support

The visionary concept revolves around crafting a unified help experience that streamlines the handling of employee requests, ensuring swift problem resolution. At its core, this concept entails the creation of an “intelligent front door” capable of intelligently collecting requests from employees through their preferred channels, be it web portals, email, chat, or seamlessly integrated experiences within other tools and products. 

The company is excited to announce High Velocity, their flagship service management event of the year, taking place digitally on November 8, 2023. When individuals register, they will not only gain access to the latest announcements but also have the opportunity to hear from industry innovators such as Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, NRMA, and Breville. These organisations will share their insights on revolutionising service management within their respective companies. Those interested should not miss out and should secure their spot now to be part of this immersive digital experience. They can register here to reserve their access.


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