VNC Revolutionizes Team Collaboration With VNCworkspace


With drag-and-drop simplicity, teams can configure roles, permissions, and function modules by tapping into the full VNClagoon suite. 

VNC has unveiled an addition to its software portfolio with the introduction of VNCworkspace, a dynamic module designed to enhance team collaboration in the modern workplace. It seamlessly integrates into the VNClagoon software stack and extends the capabilities of the dynamic dashboard module, VNCfluid. 

This teamwork module empowers organisations to create virtual workstations tailored for temporary teams within the VNCfluid ecosystem. The process is user-friendly, allowing team members to configure their collaborative workspace effortlessly. Key elements such as team roles, permissions, and necessary function modules are effortlessly selected and positioned on the dashboard using a drag-and-drop interface. The range of available modules spans the entire VNClagoon suite, including the VNCcalendar, VNCproject for project management, VNCtalk for video conferencing, and the recently introduced CRM module, VNCcrm. The central action wheel facilitates cross-module application management, file handling, and document control.

It revolutionises team organisation by translating the team’s structure into a functional software workspace. This adaptable solution streamlines collaboration, enhances efficiency, and accommodates rapid changes when needed. Users can effortlessly expand their workspace by adding more participants, functions, and modules, with the option to archive workspaces for future reference or reuse. The company mentions that to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment, teams must focus on their core objectives. The company empowers them to swiftly and precisely customise their application environment to meet their unique needs, with the flexibility to adapt as circumstances evolve.

It represents a significant leap forward in optimising team collaboration, enabling businesses to adapt quickly and effectively to ever-changing requirements. With this innovative addition to its software lineup, the company reaffirms its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower organisations to thrive in the digital age.


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