Viavi Enhances Open RAN With OpenAirInterface Alliance


This partnership signifies a crucial advancement in open RAN interoperability and innovation, leveraging the company’s century-long expertise in network testing and assurance.

Viavi Solutions Inc. announced its new role on the Strategic Board of the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA). This collaboration integrates a professional test equipment provider into OSA’s board and strengthens the connection between the O-RAN ALLIANCE and other stakeholders in the open RAN ecosystem, marking a significant progression in open-source telecommunication initiatives.

OpenAirInterface, at the forefront of open-source software development for 4G and 5G networks, is crucial in driving multivendor open RAN solutions. It facilitates interoperability through its O-CU and O-DU software, which operates in conjunction with O-RUs from various industrial partners. The involvement of the compnay, known for its rigorous testing methodologies, is set to enhance the development and quality of these open-source components significantly. The company’s testing expertise is expected to be instrumental in Open RAN plugfests and other benchmarking showcases.

The company’s active participation in the 3GPP, O-RAN ALLIANCE, and TIP highlights its commitment to the advancement of network technologies. It’s contributions to global Open RAN PlugFests and its comprehensive testing suite for network validation and assurance positions it as an invaluable asset in the field. By joining OSA’s board, the company not only brings its unmatched testing capabilities to the table but also aligns perfectly with the alliance’s mission to nurture innovation and collaboration in the development of next-generation wireless technologies. This partnership promises to expedite the adoption of open-source solutions, aiming to enhance the agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency of deploying wireless infrastructures globally.

Dr. Ian Wong, Director of RF and Wireless Architecture at VIAVI, emphasized the company’s enthusiasm for this partnership: “We are committed to pushing the boundaries of open source software for future network technologies and see our collaboration with OSA as a critical step towards innovative advancements, particularly in the fields of AI/ML and network disaggregation.”

OSA President Raymond Knopp also commented on the synergy, noting the essential role of continuous high-quality testing provided by VIAVI in enhancing the OAI CU/DU stack and related software, like the OAI FlexRIC. This collaboration is deemed timely and critical for meeting the evolving needs of the 5G and 6G research and industrial communities, enhancing both development and implementation of open RAN solutions.


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