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Creating a digital booking app in App Inventor 2

Going to popular restaurants can be fun provided one has a reservation. Waiting in a queue for a table can be a real dampener....

Creating sliding number game in App Inventor 2

  If you’ve been faithfully following this series, then get ready to create a fun game. This is the popular sliding number puzzle which contains...

Creating a digital wallet application in App Inventor 2

  This month, we present another interesting app in our App Inventor 2 series. Digital wallets are a trending topic ever since our country decided...

Building a unit conversion Android app in app inventor 2

If you haven’t joined the Android app developer bandwagon yet, then welcome to App Inventor 2. If you are a first timer, we suggest...

How to create a web database using App Inventor 2

On our App Inventor journey, which we embarked upon many months ago, we now move on to creating a Web database using App Inventor...