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Google AI Unveils A New Open Source Library for Array Storage

TensorStore, a High-Performance Open Source Library for Array Storage, has been introduced by Google AI. The open source C++ and Python framework TensorStore, developed by...

An Introduction to NumPy

Numerical Python or NumPy is a Python programming language library that supports large, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices, and comes with a vast collection of...

How do Arrays Decay into Pointers?

This article is for C programming newbies and enthusiasts. It deals with how arrays are passed as parameters to a function decays into pointers. Many...

Joy of Programming: The Legacy of C

Dennis Ritchie died on the 8th of October 2011, at the age of 70. His lasting contributions to computing include creating the C language,...

Python for Research: An Initiation

Let’s get started with NumPy, which is supposed to be “the fundamental package needed for scientific computing with Python.”