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Top 5 Linux distributions for ethical hackers

Hacking and security penetration, by nature, require an in-depth understanding of the systems and platforms you're infiltrating. And whether you plan to do some...

BlackArch Linux adds 50 new ethical hacking tools

BlackArch Linux OS has announced new ISO that includes 50 new tools for ethical hacking. With the latest development, the Linux distribution now comes...

BlackArch Linux now has over 1,600 hacking tools

To extensively support ethical hackers and white-hat cybersecurity experts, BlackArch Linux has released a new update with over 1,600 hacking tools. The latest version...

BlackArch Linux ISO now comes with over 1,500 hacking tools

On a move to counter distros like Kali Linux and BackBox, BlackArch has got a new ISO image that includes more than 1,500 hacking...