BlackArch Linux now has over 1,600 hacking tools

BlackArch Linux

BlackArch Linux

To extensively support ethical hackers and white-hat cybersecurity experts, BlackArch Linux has released a new update with over 1,600 hacking tools. The latest version also comes with newer Linux kernel and includes enormous improvements and performance fixes.

Emerged as BlackArch 2016.12.20, the update brings more than 100 new tools to support security professionals. These new tools have expanded the previous list to a total of 1,605 tools. Additionally, the distribution comes with Linux kernel 4.8.13 to deliver an improved and more stable experience than its previous release.

The BlackArch’s team has upgraded all the existing tools and system packages within the latest build. Further, there are revamped menus of windows managers such as Openbox, Awesome and Fluxbox.

On the improvement front, BlackArch Linux 2016.12.20 has majorly fixed the bug that occurred at the time of shutting down the LXDM display manager. The distribution also includes userland cleanups.

You can download the BlackArch Linux ISOs on your 32- and 64-bit systems. These are available in over 6GB of size.


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