BlackArch Linux ISO now comes with over 1,500 hacking tools

BlackArch Linux

BlackArch Linux

On a move to counter distros like Kali Linux and BackBox, BlackArch has got a new ISO image that includes more than 1,500 hacking tools. The update also brings several security and software tweaks to deliver an enhanced platform for various penetration testing and security assessment activities.

The new BlackArch Linux ISO includes an all new Linux installer and more than 100 new penetration testing and hacking tools. There is also Linux 4.7.1 to fix the bugs and compatibility issues of the previous kernel. Additionally, the BlackArch team has updated all its in-house tools and system packages as well as updated menu entries for the Openbox, Fluxbox and Awesome windows managers.

The new ISO serves over 1,900 packages that were debuted in the repository earlier this month. Also, there is support for 32- and 64-bit hardware architectures.

You can download the latest BlackArch Linux ISO (2016.08.19) through the official BlackArch website today.

Next version to feature advanced kernel patches

Apart from releasing the new ISO of Arch Linux-based BlackArch Linux, the development team has revealed that its next ISO development will come with some native kernel updates. These will include patches for Wi-Fi injection and some other similar changes to improve networking of the Linux distro. Furthermore, the team plans to update the existing ARM packages to broaden its coverage.



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