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Block Announces Plans To Build An Open Source Bitcoin Mining System

In a tweet on Thursday, Block Inc. CEO Jack Dorsey said that the payments business is pushing forward with plans to establish an open...

Designing a Simple 3D Block Jumper Game

This is a tutorial on creating a block jumper game in 3D graphics programming using the first person perspective. This follows up on the...

Using the iSCSI Protocol to Provide Remote Block Storage

The iSCSI protocol functions in a familiar client-server configuration. Client systems configure initiator software to send SCSI commands to remote server storage targets. The...

Demystifying Blockchains

A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography to ensure data security. Data security is...

Build Your Own Private Cloud with Eucalyptus

Now empower your organisation the open source way! Learn about the Eucalyptus private cloud platform and then go on to install, configure and work...

nexenta: Bringing Enterprise Storage to the Open Source World

This article discusses some of the challenges and technologies related to data storage, and introduces the Nexenta Core Platform, which is an OS based...