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Top 10 Open Source Tools for Windows Sysadmins

This article covers the best open source tools for sysadmins. Systems administrators or sysadmins play a major role in software configurations, administration tasks, improving security,...

Deep Learning: The Techniques and Tools You Must Know

Better late than never. If you missed the earlier discussions in this magazine related to deep learning tools and techniques, it’s time to refresh...

Ten Popular Open Source Tools for Web Developers

Web application development is a dynamic and challenging field. Here’s a quick look at ten cutting-edge Web application development tools that can make the...

Ten Popular Open Source Tools for Developers

Here is a selection of the ten most popular open source tools for developers, along with a brief introduction to each. As the new year...

Build a website using Bootstrap and Express.js framework

The Express.js framework is the most popular and widely used framework for Node.js, while Bootstrap is the frontrunner in the development of responsive, mobile...

Responsive web development using Bootstrap

Responsive Web development was conceptualised to make websites look good across the spectrum of devices, ranging from mobiles to desktops to large screens. Bootstrap...