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AT&T Acquires AlienVault to Expand Cybersecurity Solutions

Acquisition of open-source software-based AlienVault can help AT&T to expand threat detection to its business customers Using the open-source Open Networking Automation Platform (ONAP), AT&T...

Commvault-IBM Partnership to Enhance Data Management and Protection

A partnership in pursuit of cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, cloud adoption and digital transformation initiatives Commvault’s partnership with IBM may enable IBM Business Resiliency Services to...

India surpasses US in cybersecurity confidence

India has emerged as the leader in the world of cybersecurity by earning the highest global score in cybersecurity confidence. This latest achievement is...

Apache Spot is geared-up to fight against cyber threats

Cloudera and Intel have jointly announced the development of a new open source project to Apache Software Foundation. Called Apache Spot, the new project...