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Our goal is to give the world niche, cost-effective technology solutions

ESDS, one of the world’s leading data centre services and cloud solutions providers, has a US patent for its method of resource allotment and...

How to choose a cloud service provider

If you're about to enter the web business today, you must need some knowledge about cloud. But finding a cloud service provider is a pain...

Mesosphere DC/OS data centre platform is powered by Microsoft and other...

Mesosphere has announced the development of its Data Centre Operating System (DC/OS). It is backed by companies like Microsoft, Cisco and Canonical to offer...

Build Your Own Private Cloud with Eucalyptus

Now empower your organisation the open source way! Learn about the Eucalyptus private cloud platform and then go on to install, configure and work...

CloudStack: An Overview of the Open Source IaaS Platform

Here's an open source IaaS platform to set up an on-demand, elastic cloud computing service. It enables utility computing services by allowing cloud service...

Balancing Traffic Across Data Centres Using LVS

In the previous article in this series (‘Data Centre Redundancy’, page 56, April 2009) we got an overview of the architecture associated with data centre redundancy. An important aspect of this is to make sure that the traffic is evenly distributed across all the data centres in order to fully utilise the available capacity. In this concluding article, we will discuss the use of LVS (Linux Virtual Server) to load balance the traffic across data centres.