A Leap Towards Sustainable And Energy-Efficient Edge Data Centers

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This sustainable venture not only aims to transform Indian data warehousing but also sets a new standard for global technological advancement towards eco-friendly solutions.

PlanckDOT announced significant strides towards revolutionizing the data centre industry with their development of sustainable and energy-efficient Edge Data Centers. This initiative is poised to offer substantial benefits for the corporate sector, which is eagerly seeking solutions to meet their net-zero environmental commitments within tight timelines.

The company, co-founded by Shishir Miglani, has embarked on a nationwide project to establish data centers, with a particular focus on pioneering a new series of edge data centers. These facilities are designed to fulfill a significant portion of their power requirements through sustainable, onsite innovations. Data centers, known for their high energy consumption, particularly in cooling and IT operations, are essential for technological advancement despite their environmental impact. It  aims to mitigate these effects through strategic collaborations that focus on sustainable innovations in these critical areas. The company recently completed a successful Proof of Concept (POC) that promises to transform the Indian data warehousing and streaming landscape. This innovation is expected to be a turning point for the data center sector, showcasing the ability to shrink edge data center size while doubling storage capacity and reducing power consumption by 30%. This breakthrough aligns with the company’s mission to redefine data center efficiency and sustainability.

Ashher Zafar, CEO and technical co-founder of PlanckDOT, shared his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its potential to significantly impact OTT data streaming and warehousing. The innovation, which envisions the creation of an Edge Data Center in a compact, suitcase-sized format, marks a step forward towards achieving net-zero sustainability by 2030. The company aims to extend the benefits of this groundbreaking technology beyond its operations, offering it as a solution to other industry players. This move is intended to democratize access to these innovative transformations, thereby enhancing the industry’s overall profitability and sustainability. With such initiatives, the company is not only advancing its vision but also contributing to a broader shift towards environmentally responsible technological development.


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