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Canonical to enable GNOME 3.26 apps on Ubuntu 16.04 via Snaps

  Canonical is working on packing GNOME 3.26 apps for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The latest weekly report published by Canonical highlights the details of company’s...

GNOME 3.26 ‘Manchester’ desktop gets official with emoji support

The GNOME Project has finally released the anticipated version 3.26 "Manchester" after six months of labourious efforts. The major addition in the latest GNOME...

GNOME’s Disk Utility to get large file support in v3.26

Though GNOME Disk Utility will receive an update to version 3.26 in September, it has now been anticipated to receive features such as disk...

GNOME 3.26 desktop environment receives third pillar

  While the open source community is anticipating GNOME 3.26, its development team has announced a new maintenance update to set the pitch for the...