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Kali Linux 2017.2 OS comes with new security tools

Offensive Security has announced the release of its distro Kali Linux 2017.2. The latest version includes a list of new security packages. You can find...

Top 5 Linux distributions for ethical hackers

Hacking and security penetration, by nature, require an in-depth understanding of the systems and platforms you're infiltrating. And whether you plan to do some...

Katoolin: Installing Kali Linux Tools on a Debian-based OS

In this article, we feature Katoolin, a script that facilitates the installation of Kali Linux tools on Kali Linux or a Linux distribution of...

Kali Linux gets updated with bunch of desktop environments

Offensive Security has released a new version of hacker-centric Kali Linux. Dubbed as Kali Linux 2016.2, this updated Linux distribution brings some modern desktop...