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The Association List (alist) Emacs Lisp Library: An Overview

The Association List Emacs Lisp library provides a comprehensive API to work with alists. It has been written by Troy Pracy and the latest...

The Best Machine Learning Libraries in Julia

Machine learning (ML) is ubiquitous these days. This article introduces useful machine learning libraries in Julia, the developer base for which is growing fast....

The Art of Designing a Custom Library for Arduino IDE

This article is about how to create an Arduino library and the opportunities in open source programming with the Arduino IDE. It will also...

My Library Application in App Inventor 2

Here’s another tutorial in our ongoing series to help you hone your skills for making useful Android apps with App Inventor. It’s a good practice...

Optical Character Recognition in Android using Tesseract

This article, which is aimed at Android developers and image processing enthusiasts, explains how to extract text out of a captured image, using the...