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Simplify Database Migration by Using Object Relational Mapping

Web applications are developed using different programming languages for various components. Effecting changes to the database applications within the app is a cumbersome process...

Migration of Application Workloads to Containers using Docker and Kubernetes

Containers present an easy way of deploying traditional applications, cutting-edge microservices and Big Data apps anywhere. In enterprises in which a large number of...

Bob Young: Because of the much lower cost, open source should...

Bob Young has played a key role in building Linux into a household name. In 1993, with Mark Ewing, he co-founded Red Hat and was the CEO of the company for several years. After leaving Red Hat, he started a print-on-demand website called Lulu, where content creators can sell their books, comics, movies, or any other content that can be digitised and sold over the Web. Young also owns the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, a Canadian football league franchise that he purchased in 2003. In this interview with LFY, he talks about Lulu.

KVM: Virtualisation, the Linux Way

KVM, the Kernel Virtual Machine monitor, was announced in late 2006, and was merged in Linus’ tree in December the same year. It has very quickly gained wide acceptance and adoption for being the most promising and capable virtualisation strategy on Linux. Though a very young project, new features are being added at a very brisk pace thanks to the interest taken by several companies and developers across the globe.