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Deezer Releases Open-Source AI Tool That Quickly Isolates Vocal Tracks

The AI tool released by Deezer named Spleeter can split a track into four stems (stemming means to isolate vocal tracks from a mixed-down...

Create your own music with free software

The production of music brings out some of the deepest levels of creativity in people. Each of us can explore our musical talents with...

My Own Streaming Radio, Thanks to Icecast

Looking for a way to stream your music over the home network? MPD (Music Player Daemon) with the Icecast server could be a viable option.

Revive the Multimedia XPerience with XBMC

Let’s take XBMC for a test drive to discover its media-playing as well as media centre capabilities.

Creating Rhythmic Noise

In part 13 of the "Programming in Python for Friends and Relations" series, we learn about Csound, a powerful musical instrument that’s playable from Python.

Managing Music Efficiently

Are your audio files scattered all over your hard disk with missing meta data, leaving you with no easy way to recognise the songs? It’s time you got a bit organised!