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Top 10 Open Source Tools for DevOps

Every now and then, it is time to take an inventory of the tools that developers use in software development. DevOps as a culture...

Nagios: A Modular Monitoring Tool for Infrastructure and Networks

If you are looking for an enterprise-class open source network, application and server monitoring tool, there is no better option than Nagios. This article...

Nagios: The system monitoring tool you can depend on

Enterprise class IT system monitoring of servers, networks and applications is possible with the FOSS tool Nagios. Problems can be identified and remedied long...

The Nagios Setup Explained

In this article, we shall discuss Nagios, an open source software that is deployed in most data centres to monitor various system and network...

Ganglia for Monitoring Clusters

With the size of an organisation's infrastructure increasing, monitoring is becoming a challenge. Ganglia presents itself as a very good solution when it comes...