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Microsoft’s Accessibility Insights Now Available as Open Source Code

Accessibility Insights, which is available for Windows and web, help developers address accessibility issues early in the design process Microsoft reiterated that it is on...

Ockam Releases Open Source Code of its IoT SDK

Ockam is a decentralized and open platform for adding identity, trust and interoperability to connected devices. Ockam, IoT developer platform provider, has announced the release...

Linux Foundation Forms New Tooling Project to Improve Open Source Compliance

The goal of Automated Compliance Tooling (ACT) project is to consolidate investment in open source compliance tooling, and increase its interoperability and usability.  The Linux...

Media House takes open source route

New York magazine is trying out a different approach to stay ahead of competition. It built its own content management system called Clay, for...

‘World in Conflict’ Servers get open-source code

In a major move, Ubisoft has released an open-source version of Massgate. Massgate is the central server that once powered the online functionality for...

Flexera strengthens Open Source Vulnerability Detection

In a strategic move, Flexera has announced that its globally recognised Flexera Software Vulnerability Database is now integrated into FlexNet Code Insight. The integration...