‘World in Conflict’ Servers get open-source code


In a major move, Ubisoft has released an open-source version of Massgate. Massgate is the central server that once powered the online functionality for Massive Entertainment’s real-time strategy title World in Conflict.

With open-source code, nestled snugly in a GitHub repository, will allow players to host their own World in Conflict servers. And, as Ubisoft points out, the code itself offers an educational snapshot of how online servers were crafted over a decade ago.

The company says it was inspired to open Massgate up to the public after watching community-led efforts to bring the game’s multiplayer back to life. According to the company Ubisoft, the code is, more or less, the same as it was when the game launched in 2007, save for a few tweaks made to make it compatible with modern compilers.

World in Conflict marks the second notable game this week to have missing features restored through the release of open source code. Riot-owned Radiant Entertainment also recently announced that it would be releasing a build of its cancelled fighting game Rising Thunder, complete with an open-source version of the source code for its online servers.   Read more.. 


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