Ockam Releases Open Source Code of its IoT SDK


Ockam is a decentralized and open platform for adding identity, trust and interoperability to connected devices.

Ockam, IoT developer platform provider, has announced the release of its core Software Developer Kit (SDK) on GitHub.

With Ockam SDK, developers can build Ockam functionality into their applications or embedded software. It allows developers to add identity, trust and interoperability in IoT devices.

The developers who integrate the Ockam SDK to the firmware in their connected devices become clients to the Ockam Network. They then receive a unique Decentralized ID (did:ockam), following which they can share data as a verified claim with another device, and can also verify data that they receive from other IoT devices that are registered with the Network.

The Ockam SDK contains a library for Golang developers and a Command Line Interface (CLI). Additional language support, features, and tools will be included in future releases, the company said.

“Today’s product launch furthers our goal to make IoT developers’ lives easier with simple tools that tackle their biggest challenges,” the company asserted in a statement.

Ockam is Simple

According to the company, developers do not need to have a deep understanding of secure IoT network architecture or complex cryptographic key identity management to use Ockam.

Developers can interact with the network with simple functions incorporated in their code, and only pay for what they consume.

Highlighting that Ockam is interoperable and built for multi-party IoT networks, the company brags it as a new backbone for the next generation of high performance IoT ecosystems. The company also refers to itself as the Twilio of IoT.

Architecture of Ockam  

Ockam is tuned to meet the complex needs of an IoT system. It is built upon the proven developer-first model of Heroku/Twilio/Stripe, which completely removes the technical complexity of cloud, telecommunications & payments. Developers only need to know a couple of Ockam functions from the SDK to tune their IoT devices and applications and pay on a per use basis.

“We eliminate the blind spots for developers so that they don’t need to focus on difficult architecture decisions or go to the expense required to build and maintain their own infrastructure,” the company stated.

Microsoft Engineering is a technical partner of Ockam. With Azure confidential computing, Ockam network is able to deliver high performance.

For now, access to the Ockam network is free to developers. This will likely change when the network becomes generally available. The anticipated GA date is later in 2019.


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