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Create Advanced, Data-intensive Apps in Minutes with Furnace

This new serverless, open source platform enables organisations to build highly sophisticated applications, enriched with data from any different sources, in minutes versus the...

Open-source community helps NextFlex to create flexible circuit system

Setting the stage for smart technologies for the internet of things (IoT) and sensor applications like wearable devices, an Air Force Research Laboratory-led project is...

Government to launch India’s own open source collaboration platform

Months after rolling out a policy to support open source software development, the Indian government is now all set to launch its own collaboration...

Case Study-“We use open source technologies for agility, flexibility and affordability”

Think of a domain where technology is being used and you will find open source leading from front. We, at Open Source For You,...

FOSS Skills that will Get You Hired This Year

The FOSS appeal seems to be growing. Industry pundits reveal that open source skills can be a great differentiator for aspiring tech candidates in...

To Root Or Not To Root?

We bring you real, live information from our community on what they think about rooting their Android phones. 'Will you ever root your Android Phone?' Few...