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Spectral Releases Open Source Tool Teller

Teller is a developer-first secret manager hub that prevents leaks of sensitive information while boosting productivity An additional benefit of using Teller is...

CloudLinux Establishes AlmaLinux Open Source Foundation, Launches First Stable Release

The company also announced the formation of a non-profit organisation that will take over responsibility for managing the AlmaLinux project going forward It...

IBM Releases Open Source Toolkit For COVID-19 Data Analysis

It will use developer-friendly Jupyter notebooks and the toolkit will help to do an in-depth analysis The toolkit cleans up COVID-19 data from...

Camunda Launches BPM 7.12 For Its Open Source Platform in Workflow...

The new release will provide support for high-volume, improve modelling experience It will also have updated Docker Container that will run Camunda...

A Peek into Open Source Licences

  Open source is the mantra of today's tech world. While it is being used in that personal computer sitting on your desk, it is...

Restore Partitions Over the Network Using Clonezilla

Clonezilla is back-up and restore software that is a powerful alternative to Symantec's famous, yet expensive, commercial software Norton Ghost. Do you often format your...

Ubuntu 9.10 Unleashed, Amid Windows 7 & Snow Leopard

The latest Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala gets reviewed, along with the GNOME 2.28 desktop environment.

Basic Image Editing Tools come to WordPress 2.9

Did you know basic image editing is expected in WordPress 2.9! Though the WordPress 2.9 Codex does not reveal many new features, other than Revision of upload and media stuff and Revised admin settings screens, someone found it out.