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The Latest Trends in the Programming World

The beginning of a new year is when one takes stock of things. In this article, the author uses four popular ranking schemes to...

Uber’s Piranha Automatically Removes Redundant Application Code

Piranha is a tool that automatically removes inessential and outmoded code from application projects. Piranha could turn out to be a valuable tool...

Apple open sources Swift Migrator tool

Apple has released the code of its Swift Migrator tool. The new development is touted to be rewritten to meet the requirements for Swift...

Why you need to prefer Swift to develop iPhone apps

Several app developers have lauded Apple's Swift for one good reason that is its simplicity. It is simple in such a way that "everyone...

Apple launches ‘Everyone Can Code’ programme to let kids learn Swift

Apple launched its "Everyone Can Code" programme at the iPhone 7 event on Wednesday. The new initiative is aimed to encourage school-going students to learn its...