Apple launches ‘Everyone Can Code’ programme to let kids learn Swift



Apple launched its “Everyone Can Code” programme at the iPhone 7 event on Wednesday. The new initiative is aimed to encourage school-going students to learn its Swift programming language.

“We have always believed that education is a great equalizer, a powerful force for charge, for good, and we have always believed that our products could have a positive impact on teachers and students,” Apple CEO Tim Cook stated while addressing the media at the launch event in San Francisco.

Cook claimed that more than 100 schools have signed up to teach Swift since June this year. Apple is offering the Swift Playgrounds iOS app to enable the programming knowledge for kids.

Free iPads to students

In addition to the programme to expand its developer base, Apple got huge applaud for announcing the receipt of 50,000 iPads by students of ConnectED schools in the US. The company also revealed that it delivered its Mac and iPad to 4,500 US teachers.

Competitive move against Google

Apple is planning to counter Google with its new projects. Mainly, both the tech giants are targeting students to transform them into their developers. But while Google is taking the open source way and promoting Chrome OS and Android, Apple is on a move to construct its own developer community.

Having said that, the number of apps across Mac, iOS, Chrome OS and Android would grow through the new developments and many more programmers are likely to be emerged to make the competition better for the computing world.


  1. This is a lot better than the generic silicon valley “girl for programming” courses everyone’s trying to do. How about we get the other half of the population an outreach for education.


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