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Migrating Virtual Machines Using the QEMU-KVM Hypervisor

This article takes a quick look at the need for VM migration, its benefits, steps to develop an experimental test-bed for a cloud VM...

Backing Up VM Files with BORG

BorgBackup, or Borg, is a de-duplicating open source program that also offers compression and encryption. The main goal of Borg is to provide efficient...

Experience the Virtual World with OpenVZ

  OpenVZ is container based, open source, virtualisation technology for Linux. It can be used to install multiple, fully isolated Linux containers easily on a...

Virtualisation and Disk Management in OpenIndiana

In the previous part, we got acquainted with OpenIndiana -- how to install the base system, find and deploy packages, and perform maintenance tasks...

Building a Server from Scratch, Part 4: Pages Full of Data

In the Part 4 of "Building a Server from Scratch" series, we learn how to set up a Web and database server.