MOTOBLUR – The Latest Android Based Social Media Monster

MOTO BLUR - Motorola's customized Android OS
MOTO BLUR – Motorola’s customized Android OS

Yes, you read it right. Motorola has also decided to take up Android in their bid to strike back at the mobile market. So much so that (Mobilewhack reports) they have decided to fire almost 50% of their existing staff and has decided to bundle only Android in their smart phones, here on.

In their bid to customize the open source operating system, Android, they have come up with a completely different UI, christened MOTOBLUR. It is interesting to note how much social media has affected today’s mobile interface designs, living proofs being the NOKIA N97, HTC Hero and MOTOROLA DEXT.

As you can see, from the image alongside, the home screen looks a very cluttered version of that of NOKIA N97 but has heavily been inspired by today’s social networking needs. Some of the very interesting interface changes we found are –

  • There are tons of social networking widgets. Be it FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter or Flickr, the OS has it all.
  • The integration with the social networks is what blows your mind away. One can check out updates of any contact, from all the social networks (supported) right in one single window. This had been a very useful feature of the BlackBerry OS 4.5+. I guess, it’s time some one else took up the mantle too.
  • All kinds of updates, notifications and message have been streamlined into one single inbox, be it the sms-es, emails, or social network updates.
  • Getting a call? See their latest Facebook profile photo and their latest Facebook status (or Twitter, or whatever) pop up as the Caller ID.  Tap on a contact and see their entire social network history right within the address book. It’s a very comprehensive take on all your social networks.
  • The phone (MOTOROLA DEXT) is also equipped with a 5MP camera, enough resolution for any social media bug to keep sharing pictures within the network.

Clearly, Motorola has come a long way since their TalkAbout days. While Motorola has always been associated with innovation, they could never control the lion’s share for weak marketing techniques. However, with MOTO BLUR, we shall wish NOKIA starts shaking in their boots, all over again!

Our Verdict: HTC Sense definitely has a tough competition ahead!



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