Video Review: HTC Hero Rises and Shines



HTC has launched their HTC Hero in the Indian market. It has been a while since we had been bombarded by “leaked” photo shots and demo videos. What makes the news all the more exciting is the belief among the community that HTC has finally managed to achieve with the hero, what Android had lacked till date. HTC Hero is a part of the A series and features a 3.5mm audio jack, multi-touch capabilities and the HTC Sense interface. What more, this is also the very first Android phone to support Adobe Flash. Another thing that’s unique about the phone is it’s design. It is very bold of HTC to tilt the mic section of the phone a little closer to the mouth. Looks sexy and, along with the completely revamped Android, looks absolutely ready to take on the whole wide world. However, just a word of caution, Gizmodo sounds pretty pissed with the phone’s speed and usability. As for us, we are eagerly waiting to get the baby in our hands.


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