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  1. Hi SaketKumar
    I am new in ANDROID and i saw your post you have done very good work, which will be very useful for new comers, Go ahead we are ready to follow u.
    Very Soon i will need your help because i have plan to make an interesting app in Android.
    For futher my email id is: android.amitsuri@gmail.com

    Amit Suri

  2. Hello Saket,
    You have done a very good job and I like that you describe each and everything in your project.
    It help lot of guys who are coming in android and looking for some help.
    Naresh Sharma

    • hi,i found ur code very useful but the thing is when i tried to open newuser signup or all user then the application crashes . plz help me.

  3. HI Saketh,
    This tutorial is really good.. and the way explained is also good… thanks a lot.. and if u provide example to connect android with my sql in same way.. then it will be really very helpfull…. Can u Please do it???
    Thank You…

  4. hi…..m dipika i want login form with forgetpwd but when we click on fortpwd btn they show next link nd connected with data base ……

  5. Hi Man,

    Your application is very usefull as a beginger in android. but i have a problem when i click on the new register button i receved error box i.e. “unvfortunately app.name Example is stopped” plz tell me what to do? do i missing something? Any help will be appriciated

    • hi there, I am assuming that the app force closes when you click on New User? button and All Users button??

      I think it’s because that the startManagingCursor() is deprecated. if you want to prevent the error, you can try entering a wrong username and password, click on Login, then the a Toast message will say Login Failed.. Try Again. Then you click on New User? button or All Users button, this time round the app will not force close.

      Also please delete the stop() method as it is deprecated as well. I think the stop() method force closes the whole application.

        • Have you declared your activities in Manifest? I think this error it’s because of that. If not declare activities!

      • Hi,i tried ur solution but still it crashed when click on the new user or all users.and i entered wrong username and password and when clicked login button then the application crashed .

  6. thanks a lot saket…i have understood it well enough from ur reply.
    could u help me out to bring the database to online server

  7. hey your tutorial is really superb but i found one flaw in your app .That is in the main java class you have declared destroy method which should nt be done because while running the app the app getting forced closed when we click sign up page or show all page so i guess to delete the destroy function in the main class .but still its a good job thank you so much :)

  8. After opening this log n application,it automatically stopped,showing error in logcat in this line stop();,this line is cut in centre,and its depreceated

  9. Nice tutorial two doubts is there for me, in Splashscreen.java having stop(); line,that line giving some problem,and what is the admin password,how to change the admin password at all

  10. Can you tell me,how can we change the admin password,and more functionality i need,how to put the forgot password,can you explain any one of them

  11. “Unfortunately simple login application was stopped” message was displayed…application is not running at all….pls help me

  12. Great job. Can anyone help me? I can load all users from the database in this code. But how can i load only a specific row? Something like ONLY info about the user XPTO? Thanks!

  13. can u pls post code for “password recovery” i m beginner and not getting the way how to recover password of user via email in an android app

    • hii give me your email id ,ll send you the source code and tutorials for login,registration,forgot password etc. with data base

  14. sir i want to do a project on login with username and password.and view some data posted by admin…please send me the source code are steps to complete my project. please guide me in this project i am new to android development but made static apps….
    please mail me soon as possible. hemanthsaicharan@gmail.com

  15. Hello Sir,

    Please Can u Help me.. One Interview is there for me.. they will ask JSON Parsing so Please Can u send me code for JSON parsing .. Please Send an Easy code so that i can Easily Remember…


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