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LifeSize packs a punch with Open Source technology!


While there are still organisations that are wary of adopting open source technology, firms like LifeSize take pride in resorting to open source technology to build their products.

LifeSize provides high-definition video collaboration services in the country. Designed to make video conferencing universal, the complete range of products from LifeSize are based on open standards-based systems that aim to offer enterprise-class, IT-friendly technologies. The company was founded in 2003 and acquired by Logitech in 2009. It takes a platform or application approach to video-conferencing. Commenting on the innovations it has done using open source technology, Raghu Belur, senior director, LifeSize, says, “Our focus is a video-conferencing infrastructure solution. In that solution, we have a platform which sits on the open source set of technologies. The platform provides the common facilities required for multiple applications. For example, every application requires a Web server, an administrative console, user authentication, logging in, reporting and a clear picture of the ROI generated from the product. All these aspects are built into the product that we call the UVC platform. This sits on top of a version of Ubuntu Linux, which is the basis of our product. On top of the UVC platform, we have about half a dozen different applications that are targeted to specific problems that our customers may want to solve. One of the problems is multi-way calling that involves more than two people in a video-conference call, for which we have an application. Then there is an application for video recording and streaming, which means the person in the video-conference call can record it and stream it, so that it can be used by others later or can be used for training purposes.”

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