Poll results: Which is The Best Distro For Newbies


Few weeks back, we had asked you to chip in your views on our question- ‘Which is the best distro for beginners-Ubuntu or Mint?


Well, we are here with the results and all we could say is it was interesting to see the battle of the distros heating up. We received 172 responses from our readers, out of which 60 percent (103 votes) voted for their fave distro Ubuntu. 28 percent cast their vote in favour of Mint and 20 percent preferred to go with ‘Any Other’.

We’d like to express our gratitude to our readers for their invaluable feedback. Hope we get to see the same level of enthusiasm intact for our next poll too.


  1. I would have said Mint a few years but now Ubuntu has such vast and informative forum & its now easy to install all the multimedia codecs etc through “restricted extras” Ubuntu is the best. And I have also come to appreciate and prefer the unity desktop with its pop out & hide launcher.


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