Top 5 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) for budding developers

app development

app development

The trend of learning through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) is still there. Many people regularly opt for such courses to expand knowledge right from their home or office. Some large catalogues are there to let you reach your learning goals directly using the web. Moreover, you can learn about language, art or health using this new concept of e-learning (read easy learning). But we are here listing five MOOCs that are the best if you are a budding developer.

iOS App Development with Swift Specialisation

This specialisation is designed by the University of Toronto to give the fundamentals of iOS app development using Apple’s Swift programming language. You will learn through this course the use of development tools for building some interesting apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It involves knowledge about xCode, design interfaces and interactions in addition to the basics to integration, camera, photo and location information.

Link: Coursera

Systematic Program Design

This XSeries course is developed by the Unversity of British Columbia. It offers a programming method that will help you create well-structured programs. You will learn to organise data and techniques to focus effectively on each part of your code. Although the course itself does not teach you any coding skills, it includes methods to improve your existing ways to write codes.

Link: edX

Computer Programming

If you are a novice to the programming world but looking for a way to become a developer, you can join this course and learn the very basics of computer programming. The course includes a brief introduction to JavaScript, HTML/CSS and SQL as well as some advancements in JavaScript and jQuery. It also provides you project evaluations to let you evaluate your projects with just a press of a button.

Link: Khan Academy

Functional Programming in Scala Specialisation

This course is designed by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne to provide you with a hands-on introduction to functional programming using Scala. It covers the basic building blocks of the functional paradigm and parallel programming on multicore architectures and distributed programming using Apache Spark. Furthermore, it is projected to let you construct a heavy data-intensive app.

Link: Coursera

UX Research

If you have already learned sufficient development skills but are yet to meet the needs of your users, you need to enroll in this course. The XSeries course by the University of Michigan offers you methods to assess user needs and evaluate systems. Additionally, it gives you the knowledge to conduct research and understand what the users want through your app.

Link: edX

While the above list includes most of the available MOOCs for young programmers, there are certainly hundreds and thousands of other online courses available to improve your developer soul. You can share some of them in the comment section below.



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