9 reasons to opt PHP for next application development projects


PHP on the sea

The ongoing splurge in the number of sites developed and made live on the internet is continuing and is expected to grow more in future. No wonder, to facilitate such revolutionary growth in the web development, there must be some exclusive tool or technology that not only simplifies the process but also makes it futuristic. Starting from the core, if you need to create an exceptional website or application, you must get it built with a powerful scripting language, just like PHP.

PHP is a general-purpose, server-side scripting language that marked the beginning of new age web design and development era. This dynamic scripting language confers extensive features that assist in creating interactive and futuristic web solutions. Owing to its flexibility, this language can easily assist the different range of software, devices and tools.

However, with the branding of new development tools and technologies on a daily basis, all newbie, as well as experienced site authors, get confused whether to choose PHP for next web development project or not? Why should one be compelled to choose PHP over other popular scripting languages? There are many more questions that need a satisfactory answer.

Here are the top nine reasons why you must choose PHP for your next application development projects.

Open source

As said above, PHP is a general-purpose language that is available for free use. It has remained the eye-candy of most of the developers for the reason that they can access its core functionality without asking for any special permissions or payments. This helps them create advanced and unique applications using this high-end scripting language. With minimum expenditure, you can create a wide range of websites and applications based on PHP.

Extensive community support

This is the key reason that PHP is still continuing its legacy as being the top-notch scripting language. It is one of those top web development tools that have been heavily supported by a large community of active developers, programmers, and designers. These experts continually proffer regular updates, documentation, tutorials, FAQs, and other assistance. It simply means that you have vast options for hiring some professionals that can work and match to your business requirements. Moreover, seeing the scope of this language in future, a large section of developers is moving on to learning this language as a profession. So you can always hire an expert PHP developer from a reputed IT firm delivering reliable PHP-based web solutions.


To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to serve unique web solutions exhibiting matchless functionality. The extensive support for various plugins, tools and technologies conferred by PHP makes it so popular among newbie as well as established developers. Owing to its modular architecture, it can be easily integrated with multiple libraries and extensions.

Swift development

No wonder working on PHP is so quick and easy; hence, developing sites or applications doesn’t take much time. PHP is so flexible and intuitive that it can effectively run with different browsers, platforms, and devices meeting all business requisites on time.


The security offered by PHP is unbeatable which means if you have your projects developed using this scripting language then it could turn out to be a good decision, for both your business and its longevity. Get assured about the protection of your site from unwanted threats and malicious attacks. The multilevel security provided by this scripting language is matchless.


To begin working with PHP, you need not be a pro as it is simple and very easy to learn and work upon. PHP is an easy-to-learn scripting language that can be easily used to create a diversified range of websites and applications.

Easy embedding

PHP can be easily embedded into HTML and other markups without any hassles, which ultimately helps in creating dynamic web solutions. Such functionality of PHP assists developers in transforming static files into dynamic functions.

Cross-platform support

Building cross-platform applications was never so easy until PHP came into light. And for those looking forward to creating cross-platform applications and sites, must actually go for this reliable, futuristic and inexpensive programming language. PHP runs efficiently on UNIX, LINUX and Windows platforms along with dedicated support for interfaces like Apache and MYSQL.


Undoubtedly, the set of comprehensive features offered by PHP is capable of creating amiable and user-friendly web solutions. Integrated with all-advanced functionality, PHP is still known for delivering the best-in-class websites and applications.

No doubt, the charm and craze of PHP will never fade out as it is updated and developed by expert professionals on a daily basis. The impeccable infrastructure of this dynamic scripting language helps in creating feature-rich applications that are high on demand and usability. Knowing the peculiarity of PHP, a number of famous sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, The White House, Etsy, etc. are built on it. The extensive support offered by its community helps in managing PHP-powered applications and sites in the long run.


  1. This article looks like it was written in 2001. PHP is extremely unsafe out-of-the-box, and embedding PHP directly in your HTML is an awful practice that results in extremely unintuitive and unmantainable code.
    I love PHP, but this article misses all the points and lacks all possible depth of analisys.
    Sorry if I’m being rude, but that’s the truth.

    • Any reasonably sized project should have no raw HTML at all. PHP should generate the HTML, not be embedded in it. As for safety, it really depends on who’s writing the code. If you don’t understand escaping you shouldn’t be developing Web apps in any language at all.

  2. I am what you call an “expert professional” and in my opinion PHP is more the choice that we have to take, because there is at the moment no better web programming language out there with full-stack web framework support. If Typescript grows bigger in the future, well, than PHP would fade out and will loose many of their community. Because Typescript already has the features, that are missing in PHP today (and would miss a couple of years). Sorry guys, but PHP is not that good as mentioned above. It is good for an hobbyist, but not for an professional. Because it is basically broken by design and misses many needed features like Threads, Lambda Expressions and type safe usage etc.


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