Common UX mistakes that affect your web design

Web design

Web design

Websites are the breathing space that every business needs today irrespective of its size and the brand it endorses. The online arena is a vast sphere that is there to connect your brand with the consumers across the globe, of course, from a business site. Websites are meant to be dynamic, functional and user-friendly at the same time if you are hunting for that treasured 1st page ranking across all well-known search engines.

When it is all about providing a distinguished user experience through a website, the elements of the site must be designed exceptionally well. While being extra innovative with the web design, designers many a time commit common UX mistakes that kill the online sales. Among a large number of blunders that are committed by web designers, here is a detailed discussion on some of the most common ones.

Confusing user experience for user interface

Confusing between UI and UX is common. Both these elements are much closely related to each other. User interface i.e. UI is a part of user experience i.e. UX. The former is the way that defines how users interact with a website. Here the interaction includes the usages of the fonts, use of buttons, link placement and certain other such designs. The latter, on the other hand, builds up the interaction as the users navigate through websites.

The idea of portraying a functional UX should be given a shape keeping in mind what users expect from your website. For an exceptional UI, you need to find out those elements that can make your site highly interactive and whether you are able to incorporate the same on your website. So try carrying out usability testing for ensuring the success of diverse elements used over the website.

Asking for excessive user information while sign up

Users’ attention spans are shrinking as the technical innovation is upgrading. If a website has too many form fields, users will get bored with filling up their information, and it is sure to bound them to leave the sites. As it has been discussed earlier, the primary goal of providing exceptional user experience is accomplished only after proffering the extended user experience. Thus, it becomes important to ask only relevant information from your users.

Various studies have already claimed that making lengthy sign-up forms only discourages the users. On the other hand, a precise sign-up form will increase the conversions to the website.

Not optimising for mobile devices

Websites are becoming mobile-friendly, all thanks to the significant responsive technique! In case you have not invested in this rewarding technique, start thinking for the same. Mobile-friendly websites are getting more clicks than the desktop-only ones and thus contributing to the overall conversions. Hence, optimising your websites for mobile users is an ultimate way of extending its readership.

Responsiveness does wonders for your website as it allows websites’ accessibility across a range of devices irrespective of their sizes. As users are getting more and more accustomed to tapping their fingers instead of clicking on the mouse, not including responsiveness is sure to affect the websites’ conversion.

Plain text, no talking

Including text as a part of design is absolutely important. The text must establish its relation with the product or services endorsed by the website. There are fair chances that readers might not value the content and thus, emphasis must be given on engaging content creation. An exceptional user experience is easy to proffer with the right combination of words.

Including images and videos further will convey the message of the written texts in a more profound manner. Let your users enjoy their time while browsing through your website by combining text, images as well as videos on the website.

Confusing navigation throughout the website

Navigation is the most important asset of every website irrespective of the business the site deals into. To represent a number of elements together, web designers many a time forget to create a smooth navigation. This affects the conversions in a number of ways.

If users are getting stuck with the navigational pattern of your website, they are never going to come back. While creating the navigational pattern, one thing that must be kept in the mind. It is to invest in a smooth navigation. A smooth navigation will offer a unique user experience that will count further for increasing the websites’ conversions.

Now that much has been explained about the consequences of improper UX experience, here are some exceptional pieces of advice regarding positive design.

Make your UX designs straightforward

Try keeping a great balance between content and the website design. Include the things that keep the users engaged over the website.

Create a design-friendly navigation pattern

A website’s navigation pattern must provide an engaging user experience. The clicks, page load speed and other such elements must be incorporated properly over the website.

Including some designing elements leaves a blurred impression and it directly harms the interest of the users. Thus, to get the fair share of revenue, keep in mind the points that have been explained above. Good UX will drive potential clients to your website to aid in the conversions.

Thus, try to add more and more engaging elements so that users’ browsing experience can be elevated. It is not easy to keep the interest of users alive over your website; hence, ensure the placement of the elements that have been discussed here. Think like a user and let your users get an outstanding web browsing experience.


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  2. Usually, there is a confusion exists between UI and UX. Thanks for explaining it well and sharing mistakes need to take care on a website.


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