This open source app will teach you music notation

Music notation

Music notation

Are you a music lover but don’t know how music speaks? Or do you simply want to create a project on music notation? Open source Nootka could be a one-stop solution for you.

This newly emerged open source app provides you with an easy way to learn music notation. It helps you understand the basic rules of reading and writing classical scores as well as develop skills of playing and singing musical notes. There is an interactive interface that allows you to discover the rules of notation in the music world. Additionally, the app comes preloaded with some intuitive exercises to let you learn not just how to play a musical instrument but also how to sign a song in a melodious form.

The music app has a pitch detection algorithm that detects the sound from the hardware, say a microphone, and then displays its notation on the screen. There is also the natural sound of some guitar families to mesmerise your experience.

open source music notation app
open source music notation app Nootka comes with a pitch detection algorithm

If you already own a guitar, you can use Nootka app to tune it accurately. Also, the app can analyse results from your chords.

Nootka app comes under GNU General Public License version 3.0 and is available for free download on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android. Moreover, you use your C++ skills and some Qt programming to alter the experience for your own musical projects.


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