10 great features of Workflow Management System

workflow management system

workflow management system

Nowadays, many business organisations have been looking for a decent Workflow Management System (WMS) that can improve their productivity and minimise the human errors. There are thousands of WMS available in the market that can help you manage your business activities with ease. But if you are searching for a system with excellent ratings and highly-advanced features, you need to do a little more research.

Many companies go for highly-priced products, but most of them don’t even deliver the basic functionalities to its users. They are complex, bloated with unnecessary features and don’t give additional flexibility.

No matter how small or large your business is, using a right WMS tool is essential. Today, we will explore not just one or two but ten amazing features of a good Workflow Management System. These features will help you improve the overall productivity of your business in the most convenient way.

Creates easy to follow business steps

Creating a workflow process is not a cup of tea for everyone. There are lots of hurdles that a process manager face while building business steps. There are mixed reactions of approvals and denials from the end of the owner, employers and employees.
Thus, always choose a WMS that can help you think easy linear loops and perform all the complicated tasks in the background.

KPI-based reports

It is better to integrate a powerful KPI-based reporting function in your WMS. It will help you show and analyse where the obstructions are and where to concentrate more. It will help you get more information about your business processes.

WYSIWYG form builder

Always design a form that allows users to fill it out easily the moment they see it. It means creating a user-friendly form makes your job a lot easier. With the help of WYSIWYG form builder, you can create attractive, professional and user-friendly forms without the assistance of any expert.

Instant notifications

A reliable WMS will send you notifications through emails or push notifications on your smartphones to remind you about the upcoming approvals. In fact, notifications received through the system can be customised by users if they want to.

Cloud-based software

It would be better to choose a WMS that is a cloud-based technology. The cloud-enabled system allows users to give approvals and access data and reports on the go. They also help you save from making huge investments in software that update continuously.

Flexible workflow patterns

Some workflows are straight sequences, while others are working in parallel. Some include tires of the process that needs to be implemented in a specific order or a combination of process types.
So it is essential to choose a WMS that can support the creation of precise workflow patterns, without affecting any specific structure.

Role-based access control

Some workflow contains credential information that should not be shared with others. Thus, every WMS should offer a customisation function that lets you see what each user views and edit. The software also enables a project participant to edit the access control, without crumbling any historical requests.

SLA status indicator

Opt for a WMS that enables process participants to check the task status on the go. It comes with an automatic email alerts feature that notifies the next person in a sequence when a particular process is ready from his end.

The software keeps on tracking the progress of your project and lets you tell each and every detail about it. You can check whether that particular step has been accomplished or not. This saves a lot of time and efforts of each participant.

Integration of cloud services

Workflows contain documents, contact details, cash-flows, sales report and calendars to help you complete the business processes. There are various WMSs allowing users to upload documents, but the best tool is one that is integrated with cloud services such as Google Calendar, SalesForce, SAP and Quickbooks that store and manage your data and other multimedia files in an easy way.


The best WMS supports monthly pay-as-you-go plans where the fees to utilise the system are all inclusive of running cost. You only need to pay for those who are accessing the system.

These are the ten key features of Workflow Management System that will help you manage your business processes and improves the productivity and sales of your business.


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