Lever language emerges as a new form of Python



Developers who were looking for a refreshing and relishing environment to build new GUI apps can now switch to Lever. This new language belongs to the family of general-purpose programming languages and brings the ease of Python along with a customisable syntax support.

Lever language comes bundled with a packaging feature that gives an easy way to distribute applications. It also includes OpenGL and lets you add support for some external ‘C’ libraries.

To give a Python feel, Lever has features like dynamic typing and interfaces to C code. Some distinctions are also there. The language has a built-in event loop with augmented concurrency and callback functionality.

Although there are some major similarities with Python, Lever is found to be slower in some initial tests. However, the open source language delivers an easier experience by letting you add your syntax rules.

The language has RPython implemented runtime and partial support for Windows as well as SteamOS. Also, there are semi-automatic utilities to parse C files and converts them into .Json formatted headers.

You can download Lever language on your system by downloading its package through GitHub. The online repository also includes the source code of the language and internal documentation for its runtime.


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