Linux kernel 4.8 RC4 now out with Skylake power management fix


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While setting up the stage for its final package, Linus Torvalds on Sunday released Linux kernel 4.8 RC4. The fresh release candidate has brought a fix for an Intel Skylake power management bug.

Release candidate versions of Linux kernels generally have quite a less presence over final builds. But this time, a few developers apparently found issues with the RC4 running on their Intel Skylake systems.

“Everything looks normal, and it’s been a bit quieter than RC3 too, so hopefully we’re well into the ‘it’s calming down’ phase,” Torvalds wrote in the announcement mail.

Apart from the Skylake power management fix, the fourth release candidate of the Linux kernel 4.8 includes some btrfs fixes. It also packs many new driver systems as well as some architecture updates.

Torvalds is set to bring the final Linux kernel 4.8 release sometime in September. In the meanwhile, developers would get three new release candidates in the coming days. The RC4 is already available for download from the official kernel website, while the RC5 and its successors would debut in the next three weeks from now.

The upcoming version of Linux kernel will come with several new features to upgrade your existing Linux experience. Additionally, it is likely to bring native support for Microsoft’s Surface 3.


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