DDoS-for-Hire strikes with 665 Gbps level attack



Security research journalist Brain Krebs has been a victim of a DDoS attack. According to Krebs, the attack started on last Tuesday and was clocked at 665 Gbps.

Akamai, the company that helped Krebs identify the attack, reports that this is bigger than the previous DDoS recorded attack by Arbor Networks in June this year that was clocked at 579 Gbps.

A report by Arbor Networks states that DDoS attacks level has gone up in last six month. Another major DDoS attack against Brazilian government was clocked DDoS attack at 500 Gbps plateau. The attackers were able to easily carry out the hacking activities throughout the two-week period during Rio Olympics.

The fast adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is considered to be the prime reason behind the rise in DDoS attacks. Security research firm Level 3 has discovered nearly one million hacked IoT devices and 120,000 bots that have been the victims of DDoS attacks.

Most of today’s attacks use reflection and amplification techniques to ensure bigger output size. Attackers flood the site with junk traffic from numerous compromised hosts. Most of the recent attacks have succeeded in reaching 500+ Gbps level.


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