Red Hat’s extension connects Java to Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 Cloud Suite

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 Cloud Suite

Red Hat has published an extension for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. The new extension opens new possibilities for Java developers and brings Red Hat one step closer to Microsoft.

Built using Red Hat’s new Language Server protocol for IDE interoperability, the open source extension comes with JSON-RPC 2.0 to enable common functionality across IDEs and editors. Red Hat, Microsoft and CodEnvy have put in their collaborated efforts in advancing the protocol.

According to Gorkem Ercan, the principal engineer at Red Hat, the Java language support extension is designed to help developers with code completion, code formatting and error reporting within Visual Studio. All these features are already offered through Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is an advanced version of IDEs available on the web. It helps developers in debugging, version controlling and management of running tasks. Microsoft’s vision behind Visual Studio Code is to enable quick coding, building and debugging in one platform.

The first version of the extension has a modest feature list that includes Javadoc hovers and highlights, compilation error reporting, navigation, formatting, outlining and code completion. Also, the extension presently supports Maven projects and codelen.


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