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Lenovo picks open source Hortonworks platforms



Lenovo has partnered with Hortonworks to enhance its presence as a customer-centric company. The Chinese giant is set to use Hortonworks Data Platform for managing its big data analytics platform and leverage Hortonworks Professional Services to enable global support.

To deliver a real-time connected experience, Lenovo is using a vast amount of data. This data helps in developing machine learning algorithms that further enables personalised experiences for end customers. Thus, the company was in search of a scalable solution. And the search ended with the open source offerings by Hortonworks.

“We wanted to align ourselves with the leading 100 percent open source distribution and wanted our partner to be focused on service while the community focuses on the product. We are also taking of Hortonworks’ international reach, which provides our global team with localised opportunities with expert developers,” said Ashish Braganza, director of global business intelligence, Lenovo, in a joint statement.

It is all about rapid big data analysis

Big data is not new for Lenovo as the company developed an initiative back in 2013 to leverage the global surge of data to drive its business. It even developed its own hybrid cloud-based platform called Lenovo Unified Customer Intelligence (LUCI Sky) through its global business intelligence team. However, the support through Hortonworks will enable the Lenovo team to monitor data from large streams rapidly.

“Lenovo’s business depends on its ability to make fast decisions powered actionable intelligence,” said Matt Morgan, senior vice president of global marketing, Hortonworks, in the same statement. “We look forward to supporting the growth of Lenovo’s business by delivering the critical data insights it needs to maintain a higher level of service and support for customers.”

The Hortonworks Data Platform offers actionable insights from various global sources. This would support Lenovo’s business intelligence team that has started focusing on real-time data profiling and anomaly detection. The company aims to capture clickstream data, surveys, financial transactions and social media to improve its presence among customers.



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