MariaDB develops MaxScale 2.0 to enable advanced data streaming



MariaDB Corporation, the popular open source database provider, has announced a new version of its database proxy with added security and availability features. Christened as MaxScale 2.0, the latest proxy has integrated data streaming via Apache Kafka and other data sources to support DevOps team.

MaxScale 2.0 is based on a multi-threaded, event-driven engine. It has change data capture (CDC) to capture and stream all transactional data changes. Also, there is an end-to-end SSL encryption to prevent unauthorised data access and limit instance of DDoS attacks.

Apache Kafka on the latest MaxScale enables storage of big data. Moreover, DevOps professionals can now store bingo events from MariaDB to Kafka.

“MariaDB MaxScale decouples admin functionality from the database so the database and applications run at peak performance at scale. This decoupling enables businesses to iterate quickly to support the speed of innovation,” said Roger Bodamer, chief product officer at MariaDB Corporation, in a statement.

The fresh MaxScale is designed to be lightweight and enables high-speed networking. Administrators can utilise its existing modules and even build new modules to meet their requirements. Further, there are by default modules like authentication, log, monitor, router, filter and protocol.

MariaDB is already one of the widely used MySQL rational database management system (RDBMS) and MaxScale is one of its prime popularity factors. The first version of MaxScale was released last year. It worked as a bridge between application and database layer. DevOps teams have always been the focus of the platform.


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