SUSE launches Linux Enterprise Server for ARM architecture

Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM

SUSE has announced the launch of a commercial Linux distribution for ARM 64-bit servers. Called SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM, the latest platform will work on ARMv8-A architecture and enable hardware and software providers to create ARM-based solutions for enterprise customers.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server distribution is equipped with advanced tools to let professionals easily compile, package and deploy Linux solutions on ARMv8-A based systems. The distribution has integrated network adapters foundation and support for encryption, compression engines along with custom FPGA features. Also, there are storage optimised features to support ARM chips.

“SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM will give customers more choice, flexibility and opportunities to cost effectively upgrade their business processes,” said Ralf Flaxa, SUSE president of engineering, in a statement. “It does that by giving our hardware and software partners an established, rock-solid open source foundation on which to build efficient ARM-based infrastructure solutions.”

The engineering team at SUSE has paid keen attention to security aspects of the distribution. Therefore, it offers highest security level for commercial operating systems via Common Criteria EAL4+ support.

ARM processor technology is touted to have higher adoption rate as compared to a traditional x86-based server processor. Analysts believe that the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM will create a concrete foundation for open innovation between open source contributors and ARM technology partners.

“ARM processor technology is gaining traction as an alternative to x86 server-class processors, not only for servers and IoT devices but also for system categories like storage, networking and high-performance computing,” stated Al Gillen, IDC group vice president of software development and open source.

The SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for ARM will be available alongside 64-bit ARM support for SUSE Enterprise Storage by the end of this year. The solutions will come with standard SUSE Premium Support options.


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