Vue.js JavaScript framework releases v2.0



Vue.js has just released its version 2.0. The upgraded JavaScript framework gives tougher competition to Facebook’s React JavaScript library and is ready to try the mobile realm.

The upgraded Vue.js brings support for server-side rendering, streaming and component caching for fast renders. Also, there is lightweight DOM implementation from snabbdom library to power the rendering layer of the framework.

“The rendering layer is now much more powerful compared to v1.0. Template syntax of version 2.0 is compatible with 1.0,” said Evan You, principal developer at Vue, in a statement.

The Vue team has additionally updated libraries and tools including vue-router, vue core and vuex 2.0 to support the latest version. A migration guide and CLI helper are available to help existing Vue.js users.

You revealed the team at Alibaba are working on a project called Weex to render components written in Vue-inspired syntax in native mobile UI. Furthermore, the team at Vue.js is working on collaborating with Alibaba to make Vue 2.0 an actual JavaScript runtime framework for Weex.


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