Google, Intel on track to expand Kubernetes



Google has announced its strategic alliance with Intel to expand Kubernetes. Both the companies are aiming to ultimately accelerate adoption of the cloud among enterprises.

For several years, Google and Intel have closely been working to engineer and validate processor technology for data centres. But the new partnership will expand the existing developments to focus on enabling Google Cloud for developments like Kubernetes, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and security.

“With this new alliance, we will explore technology solutions for our enterprise customers in the areas of Kubernetes, machine learning, IoT and security, combining Google Cloud software capabilities with Intel’s advanced hardware,” writes Nan Boden, head of global technology partners, Google, in a blog post.

The developer team at Intel is actively contributing to the open source Kubernetes ecosystem and enabling enterprises to run OpenStack as a managed Kubernetes workload. Also, Google and Intel engineers are also collaboratively working on code optimisations. These developments are likely to reach new heights through the collaboration and enhance virtual network performance.

Apart from Kubernetes, the Google developer group is in development to expand its presence in the world of machine learning by accelerating its TensorFlow performance on Intel processors. Intel is also leveraging Google Cloud Platform to deliver cloud access through its IoT edge devices. Besides, there are enhancement plans to security between Intel hardware and Google Cloud Platform infrastructure.

Google and Intel both are also working together to develop technical education and market development materials that will help IT practitioners to deal in the multi-cloud world.


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